Cuixart. Geometria experimental


Mayoral presents the exhibition “Cuixart. Geometría experimental” (Cuixart. Experimental Geometry) in Barcelona, held in collaboration of Fundació Cuixart, family of the artist and curated by Arnau Puig, philosopher and art critic of Dau al Set, the last testimony of this artistic movement.


The show includes 27 artworks, among which are: paintings, drawings and one sculpture. This accurate selection is mainly focused on his most transcendental moment of the arts, between 1949 and 1964. This period is the most important and it’s related to his participation on the magazine Dau al Set created in 1948 and after that to informalism.  

“CUIXART. Geometría experimental” includes also one of the greatest pleasures of Cuixart and the most inspirational one, the music produced by the “pianola”. Through this musical item we will understand his straight relationship between the artist and the music. We also contemplate documentation, pictures, publications on newspaper of that period of time, as well as, the screening of a video of the artists where you can see his most personal and transgressive aspect.


As Victoria Pujoldevall president of the Fundació Cuixart, says: “Cuixart was the origin of a group, a philosophy and a manifesto, the Dau al Set. The interpretation of reality through Modest’s gaze. Definition of an evolutionary art by a nonconformist, informalist and figurative youth, to a mature, metaphysical and real artist.


Nowadays, the Cuixart Foundation is the main benefactor of the work of the painter Modest Cuixart. Our objective is to promote Catalan art and culture around the world. Our priority is to foster and disseminate its artistic expression at all levels.”


Consult the catalogue here: Catalogue online



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