Miró and The Red Cross



An artistic and solidarity project.

Mayoral presents “Miró & The Red Cross” a charity project with an international dimension, in which will be shown Joan Miró’s graphic work donated by Joan Punyet Miró, Miró's grandson, with the aim of raising funds for the Red Cross of Catalonia.


This artistic and solidariy project includes the leading piece “Gràcies/Gracias” (Thanks), an original drawing that the artist created in 1974 and offered in gratitude to the Red Cross of Catalonia.  At the same time, the project will present a selection of twenty eight graphic posthumous works, sealed and certified by Emili Fernández Miró.

The project will be performed in different art spaces and cities: firstly, at Mayoral Espai d’Art in Verdú  (Plaça Major, 23), together with the Artists Fair in Tàrrega “Fira d’Artistes” (Espai Fassina) and, subsequently, the selection will go to Barcelona at Mayoral Galeria d’Art (Consell de Cent, 286) and will end at Hotel Majestic (Passeig de Gràcia,68 ).

Finally, in London the next 19th of May 2016 these twenty eight graphic Works will be auctioned through Christie’s, with the aim of raising funds for solidary causes.

“We keep on Miró’s bias with the solidary commitment with the Red Cross. We are thrilled raising funds in this project and we greatly appreciated the cooperation of Successió Miró, the Catalonia Red Cross, Christie’s, the city of Tàrrega and Hotel Majestic”. affirms Cristina Mayoral, the director of Mayoral Espai d’Art Verdú. 


The story between Miró and The Red Cross

On September 1968, Joan Miró signed a drawing, a preliminary sketch in which he indicated the different parts that made up the Tapestry of Tarragona, a large scale tapestry Project that was the start of a road shared between Joan Miró and the artisan Josep Royo that impelled them to research new spaces for creating their work together.

This drawing was a gesture that revealed the gratitude of the maestro towards a young Doctor, Rafael Orozco, from the Red Cross Hospital of Tarragona, who attended the artist’s only daughter after a serious train accident. Moreover, Miró donated the original work to the Red Cros in Catalonia “Gràcies / Gràcies" (Thanks), another gratitude gesture in 1970. Since then the collection has grown to include many of Spain’s foremost contemporary artists becoming the unique Red Cross institution in the world with an art collection.


More information: http://www.fonsdart.org/