March - July 2014

Picasso to Basquiat


Through 17 artists of different nationalities and diverse generations, represented by 34 artworks, Mayoral Galeria d’Art in Barcelona offers us an open window to the broad creative spectrum of the 20th century. From Picasso to Basquiat, from the genius to the icon, from longevity to youth; two artists that open and close this journey in which the artworks here displayed feature the different periods, moments, tendencies and stages that provide a view, though partial, of the cardinal points of contemporary

We have the constructive theory of Torres-García; artists influenced by structuralism, like Chillida and Boetti; the breaking down of form, with examples by Calder and Léger; the oneiric and surreal worlds of Chagall, Miró and Dalí; the artists who have contributed the most to the development of matter painting, like Tàpies, Genovés, Valdés and Barceló; the expressive freedom and expressionist explosion, real and essential, of Picasso, Dubuffet and Basquiat; the use of media language by Wesselmann; and finally, the reflective and humanist nature of Plensa.

A journey full of vicissitudes that Mayoral Galeria d’Art, in recent years and in accordance with their aim to show the internationality of the 20th century, has undertaken in a consistent and renewed
way. The common thread that links all these artists is their international presence, whether in the number of their exhibitions, their representation in the world’s top museums or in the most prestigious contemporary art biennials, not to mention the international art fairs, where the art market has a ranking that determines
their position. The fact that these artists have earned a place in the global art scene is due to their personal efforts —always daring and often solitary—, and to the faithful defenders and committed allies who
have supported them along their creative journey.


Another common thread that brings all these creators together is that they remain in the most relevant
art market rankings. With their solid careers, and endorsed by the world’s best art galleries, they have become reference points in the main events of the art world. Moreover, a last common characteristic is their will to be part of the principal metropolis as regards the contemporary art scene. We are talking about Paris, New
York, Berlin, London, etc.; thus becoming, in most cases, the most outstanding representatives of present-day art styles and trends generated in the above mentioned cities.


A journey that gives an exemplary overview of the contemporary art scene through a series of creators that have become the main actors of the most significant movements and currents. A cultural task that Mayoral Galeria d’Art has been consistently developing over the last few years, selecting highly prestigious and internationally renowned artists who represent a safe investment.